For students

1) Are you interested in a thesis position? Here is a list of open thesis positions

2) Are you interested in highly innovative applied research with payment?

You have excellent soft and hard skills? Are you a person with “low fault rates” and “high fault tolerance”? Can you identify yourself with “robustness”, “reliability”, and “resiliency”?  If yes, we definitely need you in our “Ambient Intelligence Lab” for an international research project. We are looking for 3 part time students.

  • We expect the applicant to have practical experience in C++, Java, OpenGL or Unity. You should have basic knowledge in object oriented design patterns, SOA (modeling, interoperability, service discovery, remote method invocation), and concurrent/distributed systems programming.

We provide:

  • a highly innovative and social lab environment that supports creative and innovative engineering;
  • the possibility to present your results in top European exhibitions and conferences;
  • intelligent and supportive colleagues;
  • intensive supervision to shape the futures top researcher with a sense for industrial applications and commercialization;
  • last but not least, we provide adequate payment.

If you are interested, please send me your CV.


3) Are you interested in scholastic activities?

  • Reviewing: this is the best way for you (MSc, PhD students) to improve your research communication skills. Know how reviewers think. Get involved in paper reviewing and become a reviewer.
  • Organizing scientific events: if you want to excel, the scientific community should know you. You should contribute to the scientific community. Peer review is a good contribution. Another good way to contribute to your scientific community is helping with conference and workshop organisation. Check here for our current activities and send me an email if you want to help.

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