Experimental Test and Development of a 3DUI for Networked Home Control


  • Objective 1: Experimental test and development of a 3DUI for networked home control
  • Setup and configure device network
  • Setup and configure UI client
  • Design and prepare the experiment to analyze usefulness and ease of use with respect to a given set of tasks and usage context
  • Document and report
  • Objective 2: Evaluation of methods for pointing at physical targets using mobile 3D user interfaces

Research Problem

  • Do 3DUIs improve the physical target selection performance in context of smart homes? If yes, to which extent? And how about pointing task performance? How to measure pointing performance?
  • How does the input method (stylus / touch used on a mobile device) perform compared to alternative input methods (pointing device, laser pointer, human gesture, tangible UI)?
  • What other i/o modalities and devices can be considered?
  • Which research design can be used to study the above questions?

Research Approach

  • Describe your research steps, including
  • Intended audience
  • Describe tasks and usage context
  • Describe metrics
  • Describe overall research design: qualitative vs. quantitative methods; subjective vs. objective; within vs. between groups
  • Describe instruments (competitive focus groups, competitive usability test, discount usability test)
  • Describe measurement methods
  • Describe recruiting method and sample size (5-7 users)
  • Apparatus
  • Describe data collection and cleaning
  • Describe analysis methods
  • check this website for more information
  • http://ce.sharif.edu/courses/92-93/2/ce438-1/index.php/section/resources/file/resources

Expected Contributions

  • Research design
  • Experimental setup to analyze the feasibility and performance of a 3D based UI for physical object selection in context of smart homes
  • Data acquisition and analysis of results
  • Recommendations for design / user interface improvement
  • System Documentation


  • Start a literature analysis; Keywords: 3D user interfaces; mobile home control; ambient intelligence user interfaces; mobile user interface for networked homes; ubiquitous user interfaces; multimedia home control; tangible user interface for home control; interacting with physical objects; measuring selection performance in 3DUI; Fitts’ law for 3DUI and physical object selection;
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    Pointing at Physical Targets using Mobile 3D User Interfaces –

    How to measure pointing performance?
    Hint: use extended Fitts Law models

















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