20140206-AmI Lab-Roadmap

My mission is conducting research and development on context-aware systems and adaptive, multi user, and multimodal interfaces supporting healthy living in energy-aware smart environments.

My activities and interests span across the following areas:

  1. Ambient Intelligence (AmI): provision of  tools and infrastructure to develop smart spaces; AmI Multimedia Environments; simulation and evaluation of smart environments; development of smart spaces operating systems; rapid prototyping AmI; Ambient Assisted Living; middleware support for AmI; smart home integration.
  2. Interacting with Ambient Intelligence / Smart Environments: 3D-based mobile interaction in Ambient Intelligence environments; mixed-initiative interaction; mechanisms and metaphors for managing interaction conflicts; interaction between personal appliances and smart environments; mobile and ambient interfaces considering physical limitations, fitness, and preferences of users; ubiquitous meta user interfaces; adaptive interfaces; quality and context adaptive dynamic interaction support in pervasive environments; tangible user interfaces and gesture devices for environment control; game based user interfaces; interfaces encouraging physical activity; domain study and experience research; usability and trust evaluation.
  3. Context-Awareness: Context modeling and identification; architecture for smart environments; evaluation of context-aware systems; cooperative personal appliances.
  4. Collaborative Virtual Environments and Games: Context-aware game streaming and semantic level-of-detail; frameworks for virtual environments; peer-to-peer event distribution and management; serious games.
  5. Engineering Interactive Systems: pervasive gaming and smart environments for rehabilitaion engineering and in-home healthcare; mobile interfaces for semi-autonomous measurement and recording of food-intake; smart home.