Focus on Your Work by Pomodoro

Recently, I had to work several hours during the day. For me, focus on a work for a long time is not tedious, however, after finishing it, usually, I am not able to do anything else. After struggling with this problem, I found something that can manage your time and energy. Pomodoro Technique.

Promodo is a time management technique that helps you breaks down work into intervals, separated by short and long breaks. This technique uses mainly 4 simple rules:

1.  Focus on the work for 25 minutes
2. Rest for 5 minutes, short break.
3. Restart focusing again and repeat the cycle for 4 times.
4. After 4 complete rounds of focusing and relaxation, you will have a long break that is 15-30 minutes 🙂

This procedure helps to remain energetic during monotonous activities. Although this technique is based on physical Pomodoro devices, you can find a host of software that implements this technique. Personally, I found this little Chrome extension very useful and easy to use.